About Us

Hello gardening world. This blog/site is created for those individuals that are interested in gardening and want to learn about plants and what it take to care for them. Although planting is one aspect of it, there are many things that go along with just making your property look awesome with pretty little flowers. That’s where this blog/site comes in, we take pride in passing on information so you to, can create and enjoy what nature provides for us.

Recently, we have added business listings to our site that promotes a variety of local businesses in and around different locations that deal with outdoor services. If you have something you would like to promote, create an account and post up business for free, or if you have other things in mind, contact us with your ideas.

Its all about planting seeds to make the world a better place. Happy gardening.

If you have any inquires, please feel free to contact us over at our contact page.

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