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Peanut Cactus: Care And Common Problems

Your landscaping objectives don’t have to be difficult to achieve. Growing a low-maintenance succulent like the Peanut Cactus will let you off the hook. This plant enhances the appearance of…

8 Common California Wildflowers and When They Bloom

Gardeners who seek to enhance their gardens’ value as habitats are often amateur naturalists wishing to integrate nature into their daily lives. The fleeting beauty of California’s native annual wildflowers…

Hedgehog Cactus: Care and Common Problems

The hedgehog cactus is one of the most desirable plants to grow because of its appealing combination of beautifully delicate flowers along with thorns. The dwarf cacti may produce flowers…

Boobie Cactus Care And Growing Requirements

The monstrous cultivar of Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku, known as the “Boobie Cactus,” has more unusually formed ribs and areoles that mimics and gives the impression of small breasts. For these reasons, it…

String of Buttons Succulent Care Tips

Do you want to add some beautiful plants to your home but are not good at watering? Try growing the string of buttons! The string of buttons is a unique…

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