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Set of 4 small indoor planters – Original planter gift

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Set of 4 small indoor planters – Original planter gift

Set of 4 mini planters – Plant pot – Pot cover – Wood planter – Indoor planter – Cactus planter – Succulent Planter – Minimalist planter – Planter set – Scandinavian decor – Office decor – Planter gift – Wedding decor.

Bring a touch of originality and modernity to your home decor with these small geometric and minimalist planters for succulents and cacti printed in 3D Wood !

Their clean lines and their material will bring a natural, zen, modern and original side to your interior, but is also an original gift to offer to mom, her, him and all your loved ones !

All our objects are made with an eco-friendly material : a blend of recycled wood and bioplastic made from corn. Its composition makes our products sustainable and entirely biodegradable !

This material gives the planters the look, feel and unique smell of raw wood.

As the material used is made of wood fibers, please note that there may be a slight difference in color.

– – –

Why did we choose 3D WOOD printing rather than woodworking?

It is simple: it allows us to give free rein to our creativity and to create objects with particularly complex and detailed lines, while maintaining low costs, even on small series.

We call it democratic design or design, originality and small series for all !

We make all our items on order, for any quantity more than 5, personalization (size, color, inscription on the object ..) or if you have an idea and need a designer, do not hesitate to contact us !

Specifications :

Dimensions :

Height : 5,5 cm

Inside diameter: 5,5 cm

Other sizes available on request. Customization requests are welcome !

Designed and produced in France.

*** plants not included ***

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